Something Different Scores Second at Winter Dance Classic


by Caroline Cravens

In the Leander Winter Dance Classic the Blue Belles had several soloists compete, but only one Blue Belle placed. Maria Young won second with her Bust Your Windows solo.
Many soloists did a contemporary dance, but Young had a unique style which she believes the judges liked.
“The reason I think I placed higher than other girls is because everyone’s solos are different, and every judge is looking for something different as well.” Young said. “I did something a little different than what I’m used to and I felt like that stood out a little bit and it was unique in its own way.”
With help from choreographer Gay Polluck, Young created a solo that showed off her style.
“I usually do a contemporary style, slower music and this year I wanted to do a little bit more of personality,” Young said. “I would do my own movements and my own style and Polluck would find something she liked and then she would add on to it.”
Young did many exhibition dances with the Blue Belles as well as her solos. She enjoys dance and is an officer on the team.
Young said, “I went into this competition just to perform, and share my love of dance.”