2009 Best Halloween Haunts

By Paisley Timm

   When most people are asked what their favorite holiday is they answer, “Christmas” or jokingly, “My Birthday.” I however love Halloween. There isn’t another holiday like it.

   You dress up in whatever catches your fancy and terrorize your neighbors for candy, and they in turn terrorize you with gadgets and gizmos of gore.

   Some, like me, have never bought a costume, but make their own and others buy out the Halloween stores.  Some of us go to haunted houses, and many of us do both.

   Austin has a haunted house that was voted #1 in the nation by Lions Gate Films (Ironic, isn’t it?) and was featured in a Travel Channel special as one of the top ten terror attractions in the nation, 2008. You might have heard of it:  Mansion of Terror.

   This haunted house features two attractions this year:  Death Asylum (Zombie Carnage) and Blood Frenzy II (Haunted House). Being the avid zombie enthusiast, I’m rather excited for Death Asylum. Tickets for each attraction are sold separately, for $15, however for a mere $5 more, $20, you can get both tickets.

   Another popular haunted house in Austin is House of Torment, which has the well-known monster aptly named Mr. Creep.  Mr. Creep likes to hang out in the lines and get  the mood of horror flowing. I’d bet you’d hear some pretty interesting stories about this guy from previous patrons, I know I could definitely tell some really interesting tales.

   Like Mansion of Terror House of Torment also has two major attractions: House of Torment (Rise of the Abominations) and Illusion Manor (The Phantasm Curse.)

   House of Torment also sells its singular ticket for about $15 and a ‘double feature’ ticket for $20. Both Haunted Houses have websites, www.MansionofTerror.com   and www.TheHouseofTorment.com , where you can discover the locations of these haunted houses, occupational opportunities such as being a monster yourself, and buy your tickets online to avoid the inevitably long, long lines. Tickets for both are sold in time increment slots, and have a set group number.

These places won’t stay open too long though, Mansion of Terror closes its ghastly doors on Nov. 13th and House of Torment puts a stop to the abominations on Nov. 1st.

   Each haunted house promises to bring nightmares for weeks after they close, so if you’re in for scaring yourself or your highly gullible best friend, buy your tickets soon!