Guns ‘N Hoses (LHS staff) upsets local police and fire

By Ben Fischer

  An annual tradition for several years now is the “Guns ‘N Hoses,” volleyball game, when LHS faculty and staff challenge Leander’s finest police and fire departments.

   The game is a part of the Blue Santa program, which is sponsored by police departments across the nation to help families in need. Monday, Dec. 6, Leander faculty won back the trophy that was formally lost the past year. Out of five games played, faculty and staff won the second, fourth and fifth rounds.

   In help of the good cause, students could present an unopened, unwrapped package or $2 for admission.

   Brad Mansfield, principal, Wayne Lauritzen, coach, Maria Woods, English, David Anderson, coach, and Mary Alice Rodrqiguez, receptionist were some of faculty; current and past SRO’s, Officer York, Williams, Amador, and Jean Mcarthy, were on the opposite side.  

   Although the game is not about winning or losing, as it is a win-win situation for those in need, the turnout may not have been what was expected.

   If looking for a way to donate, there are many more drives available. There are several locations found across town where unopened, unwrapped packages can be donated. To offer individual support and help those in need, can contact the local police department, or even Officer York in the Student Resource Office.

   Mr. Mansfield and Officer York, as well as faculty, staff, and members of the police and fire departments would like to thank Liz and OJ Olson for helping ref and score of the game, as well as those who donated.