Jordan responds to ISIS attack on fighter pilot

The Pilot killed by ISIS being remembered at a rally at the University in Amman.


The Pilot killed by ISIS being remembered at a rally at the University in Amman.

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

On February 6 a Jordanian woman named Anwar Kasabeh ran crying into the street, screaming out, “Please, God, let it not be true.” She had just seen the video released by ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, of a Jordanian fighter pilot, Lieutenant Moaz al-Kasasbeh, being burned alive in a cage. This act was described as the most brutal in the group’s history.

Jordan’s response to the video was executing all it’s Islamic Prisoners the next morning. The video was an attempt to be a scare tactic against Jordan, other Arab nations and countries that joined the American-led fight against ISIS. Jordan responded though that the effect was opposite and their resolve to be apart of the fight has only grown stronger.

Weeks before the video’s release, Jordan’s leaders were attempting to win the release of Lieutenant Kasasbeh, who was an important figure for the country, but late last month ISIS demanded the release of Ms. Rishawi, the Al Qaeda in Iraq reasoning being that she is an embodiment of the evolution of their group to the new formation as an Islamic State, in exchange for the pilot. Jordan responded back that they would agree if ISIS gave proof that the pilot was still alive. Later Jordanian officials learned that the pilot had actually been killed January 3.

The public in Jordan first turned to anti-coalition, not wanting to be aligned with the fight against ISIS. However, the public opinion shifted after the release of more ISIS videos showing the be-headings of two Japanese hostages. Jordan’s involvement in the coalition has tensions rising as the people, led by the Lieutenant’s Father, protesting Jordan’s involvement against ISIS. Jordan’s responses and actions though currently show no sign of the country turning away from the American-led fight.