Oscar Preview Movie Review: Lincoln


by Siandhara Bonnet, Staff Writer

Lincoln is a powerful, yet humorous biography, drama, and historical film directed by Steven Spielberg. The film was nominated for Best Motion Picture for The Golden Globe Awards and for the Oscars.

Daniel Day-Lewis plays the role of Abraham Lincoln who is portrayed as humorous, kind, and wise. Day-Lewis has been nominated for Best Actor for the Oscars, and Sally Field, who played Lincoln’s wife, Mary, is an Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actress. David Strathairn plays William Seward, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Robert Lincoln, President Lincoln’s first son; Tommy Lee Jones plays Thaddeus Stevens and is has been nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role; and Ulysses S. Grant is played by Jared Harris.

The film focuses on the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolishes slavery, and what obstacles had to be overcome to do so leading up to January 31, 1865, the day the amendment was passed. The majority of the film takes place in the month of January of 1865 during the American Civil War. It ends with Lincoln’s assassination.

The mood was perfect, the language was of-the-time, and it felt as if the audience was taken back to those moments in 1865 when everything happened. The only moments where it fell through would be the conversations with the members of Lincoln’s Cabinet. It almost felt as if it were irrelevant, but picked up immediately with a comedic relief from Lincoln or Thaddeus Stevens.

Lincoln was definitely angled toward an older crowd that would understand most of the humour and would have a better understanding of the history. For the younger generations, it would seem less interesting. Some of the humour was understandable and obvious, but other things, such as the history, weren’t as apparent as it would have been to an adult or a student of history. Overall, the film was excellent. On a scale of 0 to 5, 5 being the best, the film deserves a 4.75.

The film is approximately 150 minutes long (2 hours and 30 minutes), rated PG-13 and is still playing at Cinemark Cedar Park, Cinemark 14 Round Rock, City Lights Theatres, AMC Barton Creek Square 14, and Regal Arbor Cinema 8 at Great Hills.