Avery’s Staff Picks

by , Staff Writer

Music: I have always liked the band Death Cab for Cutie. They”re a alternative/indie band. Their music is very chill, I like to listen to them when I’m going to sleep. I also like Walk the Moon, they’re a poppy alternative band. Their songs are upbeats and always put me in a good mood. They are coming to Austin on November 10th, I really hope I can go.

TV: My favorite TV show  at the moment is Pretty Little Liars. This show is about a group of girls who have been friends their whole life. When suddenly the “Queen Bee” of the group gets murdered, the rest of the girls start getting threatening messages by a person named “A.'” The girls are determined to play the stalkers dangerous game, and figure out who murdered their friend.

Restaurant: My favorite restaurant is Luigi’s, this little hole in the wall on Crystal Falls. The Restaurant has great Italian food and great service. It’s right by my house, therefore I can go there whenever I please.