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Gigi Allen
My name is Gigi, and it’s not my real name, just a nickname. My family is a mix of peace loving hippies, non-strict carefree parenting, over-mommying and punk rock 90's grunge with guns and liberal values thrown in.

When I was little my favorite outfits were the dresses you wore to Sunday on special days with the frills and lace, Mary Jane's, and the white socks with the frills at the end. If not I would throw a tantrum and refuse to get dressed.

I am a messy person and the title of a book about me would be called A Peek in the Mind of a Spaz and a Serial Procrastinator.

When I am happiest is when I am in a small space alone with my laptop to write or read on. I have always wanted to be an author when I grow up and if I were to tell you all the titles of the books on my bedside right now… there would be too many.

My favorite quote is one by Cyril Connolly; "Better to write for yourself and have no public then write for the public and have no self."

I take that to heart when I write because I write something I can always be proud of no matter how small or trivial.

Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

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