Back When I Was a Child

Ten interesting things we all did as children


Arie Shaver

Ten weird things we all did as children.

by Arie Shaver, Reporter

1. Balancing the lightswitch 

Let’s admit it, every kid has tried to put the light switch between on and off. We all thought that we could control physics, but no matter how many hands or fingers it took, the lightswitch never balanced.

2. Drawing a sun in the corner of every drawing

For some reason, we all thought we were a master of the arts by putting a sun in the corner of our drawings. Even if it wasn’t a photo of the outdoors, you could expect to find a yellow or orange sun in the corner of our papers. 

3. Making a sword out of markers 

If you never made a sword out of markers then had a sword fight, were you really a kid? We really thought we were Darth Vader with our own colorful lightsabers, although some kids just wanted to see how high they could stack them before they fell off. Some even made it a contest. 

4. Giving ourselves a shot with a mechanical pencil

Since we couldn’t handle the shots at the doctor’s office, we had to look cool in some way. Yes, we pushed down the pencil lead into our arms and pretended to be a doctor for a day. Don’t worry no kids were harmed from the mechanical pencil shots. 

5. Peeling glue off of our hands

Throwback to when we used to freak other kids out by “peeling our own skin.” No, it was just glue. Only glue. For some reason, it was fun to rub glue all over your hand then wait for it to dry and peel it off. We must’ve been really bored. 

6. Trying to push every color down on multi-color pens

Kids by night engineers by day. We thought we could recreate the multi-color pens by trying to push down every color. I guess we never noticed there was only one hole for one pen.

7. Putting a pin through the skin on our fingers

Some of us had way too much time on our hands, and it showed. Never give a child a needle, because they will likely stick it through the skin on their fingers. At least, that’s what we did. There was something fun about sewing our own skin I guess. 

8. Stabbing our erasers

What did our erases every do to us? I bet that’s what they were wondering since we stabbed them to death with our pencils. Maybe we were taking out our boredom on them, or we just liked the grey dots. 

9. Flicking the door stopper 

If you were ever put in time out or just sitting on the ground, you always could rely on a door stopper to be there. Many of us just like the sound that it made, others just liked to see it moving quickly. But, it was all fun and games until it fell off the wall. 

10. Writing on the condensation from the windows

There was something soothing about the condensation on the windows. If you never poured your heart out on the window through your drawings, were you really in a state of relaxation? There was just something about drawing without a pen or pencil and using water vapor to write that was amusing.