First-ever Show Choir holds auditions


courtesy of morguefile

The first Leander Show Choir held auditions in February. More auditions will occur in March.

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

Singing. Dancing. Showmanship. All of these are required for students who tried out to be in the new Show Choir.

The Show Choir held its first auditions, led by choir teacher Mr.Wiley. The student’s prepared a 30-second arrangement of a song of their choice, a section from the National Anthem and performed a dance audition.


But voices and dance moves weren’t the only criteria for the students. They also had to have a certain personality.

“We are looking for a very outgoing, very showmanship personality,” junior Show Choir Manager Sarah Yeager said. “We need someone who is ready to dance, ready to sing, someone always ready to perform, a person who does everything full out all the time and outgoing people do that.”

The turnout for the people who made it into the show choir excite Yeager and Mr.Wiley. Yeager said from freshmen to seniors, everyone brought their best. Those who auditioned are also excited for the year, and still feeling the nerves from auditions.

“The auditions were kind of intimidating,” sophomore Frances Venditte said. “It was a real change of place but a lot of fun. The most stressful moment was the dancing auditions because they were in front of everyone. Everyone who made it in though are all outgoing and seem similar but the little differences make it fun to hangout and be with everybody.”

Show Choir will be performing in the upcoming Choir Show. Unlike the T.V. series Glee, the students are hoping for no drama but still sharing experiences of being around people who hold the same interests in singing.

Take heart, if you did not get to audition, there will be more chances to audition again for Show Choir in March.

Congratulations to the following members of the Show Choir:

Tristan Bannuelos
Carter Wiseman
Evan Hays
Patrick Wilbanks
Emma Tucker
Rachel Moore
Hunter Behrman
Kade Ferguson
Nicholas Champion
Isabelle Hoff
Alexa Urrea
Frances Venditte
Shanice Allen
Funmi Orekoya
Lyrik Koottungal
Alex Echeverry
Abi Ramirez Zuniga
Julia Bennett
Victoria Phipps
Kate Wells
Ashton Frazier
Shekhiynah Larks
Summer Keith
Holly Massey
Daniel Perez Recendez
Ivetta Jean Louis
Kelsey Pirc
Shelby Davison
Autumn Haley
Haley Closser
Matthew Garrett
Mathilde LeTacon
Vasthy Maurival
Alexandria Catron
Zane Hudson