Gambit Release Date Announced

Channing Tatum to play lead role


Jack Densmore

Gambit is set to be the third X-Men movie in 2016. Photo Illustration by Jack Densmore.

by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

Gambit is one of the lesser known X-Men superheroes and will be given his own movie. Gambit’s powers include controlling, creating, and manipulating kinetic energy. Before joining the X-Men, he was a professional thief. His first appearance was in the Uncanny X-Men comics in issue #266. Gambit is often described as a ladies’ man in the Marvel universe.

His story begins in New Orleans when he is kidnapped from the hospital where he was born by the LeBeau Thieves’ Guild. He was thought to be apart of a prophecy that would unite the fighting Thieves’ Guild and Assassins’ Guild, likely due to his powers. His superhero abilities began to take shape as he grew on in life. Mister Sinister then hired Gambit to do missions for him. Later, Gambit would try to unite the Guilds, but it would ultimately lead to his exile after he tries to marry the granddaughter of the head Assassin and was challenged to a dual by her brother, Julien. Gambit then killed Julien in the duel and was exiled from New Orleans. Gambit met the X-Men after saving Storm, who was drained and exhausted, from the Shadow King.

The X-Men didn’t have a lot of trust in Gambit because of his origins as a thief at the start. Drama in the X-Men also continued to rise around Gambit because of his romantic interest with an X-Man named Rogue. Gambit being hired by Mister Sinister also didn’t help his cause with the X-Men. Although, as time progressed, the X-Men began to believe in his pursuit for redemption.

Recently, Fox has announced the release date for the Gambit movie for October 7, 2016. Channing Tatum then confirmed that he was playing Gambit in the movie via twitter. One of the confirmed writers for the movie is the Robocop writer Josh Zetumer, according to People Magazine. It has also been reported that the movie will follow a different origin story.

The movie will debut after the Deadpool movie and X-Men: Apocalypse, according to jbgnews.