Iconic Austin Murals

Visit one (or all) of the top 5 iconic murals in downtown Austin


Laynie Duplantis

“Jeremiah the Innocent”

Daniel Johnston, the artist of “Jeremiah the Innocent,” better known as “Hi, How Are You” unveiled a new downtown mural after 20+ years. It is the most popular and well-known mural in downtown Austin.

However, there are more iconic murals than just Jeremiah the Innocent. People from all over the world come to Austin to take selfies and memorialize their visit to the city in front of those murals. If you’re down in the city, check out each of these murals and take a photo!

The Top 5 Iconic Austin Murals:

1. “Jeremiah the Innocent” (Hi, How Are You)

located at 21st Street and Guadalupe Street

2. “Greetings from Austin” postcard

 located at S 1st and Annie Street

3. “I Love You So Much”

 located at 1300 S Congress

4. “You’re My Butter Half”

     located at 2000 E MLK Blvd.

5. “Smile! Even If You Don’t Want To”

 located at S Congress and Elizabeth Street