Oh, how the tables have turned

The Jonas Brothers are back.


by Erin McSorley, Staff Writer

On February 28, The Jonas Brothers tweeted a recreation of their 2008 hit YouTube video “Oh, how the tables have turned” as an announcement that they are back and better than ever. As an added touch, the video ends with the revealing of a banner that reads ‘Hello Again’ followed by a burst of confetti. Twitter immediately blew up with reactions from die-hard fans that have been awaiting a come back for years. March 1, the brothers made another big move, releasing their first single as a reunited band titled ‘Sucker’.

“When I saw the video on Twitter, I got really excited,” senior Katie Pizer said. “My 9-year-old self was just coming back to me.”

From their appearances in the Camp Rock franchize to their many albums and tours around the globe, the Jonas Brothers had an impact on their audience that clearly remains today.

“I watched [Camp Rock] the other day when I found out about the new song,” Pizer said. “It made me super excited about the whole thing.”

Rumors would suggest that the brothers have already recorded up to 40 new songs leading up to a possible new album. Though a release date isn’t yet confirmed, Amazon Prime has announced an upcoming movie revolving around the band and their comeback.

“I flipped out,” freshman Kate Smith said. “I cried with all my friends, we can’t wait.”

Details and a release date will be released soon, but for now, fans are anticipating the best and looking forward to the band’s second round.

“I am ecstatic,” sophomore Kyleigh Suggs said. “I just feel like this is their time, it’s great.”