Weekly poem: A generation of arrogance


Austin Graham

With front facing cameras being so common, teens are constantly observing themselves. Always having immediate access to this can distort ones self image, or create an over caring for it.

by Austin Graham, Assistant Editor

Original poems by Austin Graham
This is the depth of which
A lot of people in this generation
Think to.

The second a situation arises,
They think of how they
Will be affected and not those around them.

They tend to think
That they know everything about
The world around them,
But they are still so new to it.
They think they hold
The world in their palm,
But they’re just a mere speck,
In the palm of the world’s hand.

They care so much
About getting likes and retweets
That they make fun of people,
They taunt them,
They find whatever reason they can
To have “beef” with them,
Just for that pointless reason.

They try to make the world
Adapt to their needs,
But they need to learn that here?
It’s survival of the fittest.