Top 5 outdoor spring activities


Dan Morales via Flickr CC

This is the view from the Lady Bird Lake trail. The trail circles the most of the lake and goes right past downtown.

by Kyle Gehman, Assistant Editor

With students coming back to school with stories of their break, tans and not as much completed homework as they planned after a week off from spring break, here are some of the top outdoor activities from spring break and for in the future.

1. Lady Bird Lake

Kayaking and paddle boarding at the Lady Bird Lake right next to downtown was a popular option for most students who wanted to enjoy downtown without being crowded by SXSW. The temperatures dropped late in the week but it was perfect weather early on to be out on the water. There is also the trail surrounding the lake to walk or bike on.

2.  Brushy Creek Park

The Brushy Creek Park is a great option to enjoy plenty of activities. There is a long walking and biking trail on gravel and pavement, sports fields and the lake to fish or kayak. It’s also a nice because it’s only 20 minutes away.

3.  Enoing

With enos being so popular many students spent their spring break relaxing in the sun. They can be hung up almost anywhere making it a popular choice for most students.

4.  Rodeo Austin

The Rodeo Austin’s annual rodeo and fair started on March 12th and was a great way to go on rides and enjoy the fair outside. Besides the rodeo and stock show there was carnival rides, Wild West shows, food and shopping.

5.  Dinosaur Valley State Park

This state park is a bit of a drive, 2 hours in Glen Rose, but lets you see dinosaur footprints and also a beautiful park. There are hiking and biking trails, camping spots as well as fishing. There is a fee but it’s $7 per person above the age of 13.