Which Zoom student are you?

Find out your online class personality below


Rachel Oliver

Take this quiz to find out what kind of Zoom student you are.

by Arie Shaver, Reporter

Use this quiz to figure out which kind of zoom student you are. Simply answer the questions honestly and count up your points associated with each answer as you go. In the end total your points and match them to the type of zoom student associated with that number, and that’s the type of zoom student you are. Let’s begin. 


What are you most likely doing during a zoom call?

  • Sleeping – 1 Point
  • Working on other work/playing games/scrolling through social media – 2 points
  • Playing with pets/animals – 3 points
  • Talking with friends/making a TikTok/eating food/writing in the zoom chat/playing music – 4 points
  • Listening/doing work with the teacher -5 points

How do you handle your microphone during a zoom call?

  • It’s off the entire time – 1 point
  • It’s usually off because I don’t like talking – 2 points
  • It’s usually on, I don’t like to turn it off – 3 points
  • I turn it off and on depending on if I’m talking or not – 4 points

What do people see when they look at your profile?

  • They see a blanket pulled over my head – 1 point
  • A black screen or old picture – 2 points
  • My pets – 3 points
  • Me eating, dancing, talking, or jamming to music – 4 points
  • Me listening/talking to the teacher – 5 points

Why do you join zoom calls?

  • I don’t even know at this point – 1 point
  • To seem present – 2 point
  • To show off my pets – 3 points
  • To laugh and speak with my friends – 4 points
  • To learn or review material or get help on an assignment – 5 points

What are you thinking during a zoom call?

  • I’m not, I’m usually dreaming – 1 point
  • About food, or what I’m doing later – 2 points
  • I wonder if people think my pets are cute – 3 points
  • About how I can make my class laugh – 4 points
  • I usually am thinking about the work the teacher is giving me – 5 points

How often do you join zoom calls?

  • Not often – 1 point
  • Every other day – 2 point
  • Everyday – 3 points

How many zoom calls are you likely to attend in a day?

  • One – 1 point
  • It depends on if  I need help or not – 2 points
  • 50% of them – 3 points
  • Mostly all unless I have other things to do – 4 points 
  • All of them – 5 points 

When do you arrive on zoom?

  • I didn’t because I couldn’t wake up on time – 1 point
  • Five to ten minutes late, I got distracted – 2 points
  • Just a few minutes later, I had to take care of my pets – 3 points
  • In the middle of the zoom call – 4 points
  • I’m always early or on time – 5 points 

When do you leave a zoom call?

  • I don’t, the teacher hung up and I didn’t notice – 1 point
  • In the middle of the call – 3 points
  • When the teacher releases everyone – 5 points

 What do you do after a zoom call?

  • I finally wake up 10 minutes later – 1 point
  • I continue scrolling through social media, playing games, or working on other work – 2 points
  • Play with my pets – 3 points
  • Read through my comments on the chat, text the friends I was talking to during the meetings, or turn off my music – 4 points
  • Study my notes, review, or prepare for my next zoom – 5 point

Here are your results:

  • The Sleeper: 10 – 15 points 

During a call, you are usually sleeping. Many times your teachers will have to wake you up or you can get away with it by hiding under a blanket. You don’t like attending zoom calls, but when you do you wonder why you attended in the first place. You’re likely to be late to class or not present at all because you slept in late. Maybe try going to bed early next time. 

  • The Disengaged Student: 16 – 29 points 

During a call, you are usually distracted. You’re the student who has a black profile screen because you don’t want anyone to know you’re not paying attention. You are likely scrolling through social media or working on other activities because you’re definitely not paying attention to what your teacher is saying. You join zoon when you have to, and when you do, you are only there to be counted as present. 

  • The Distractor/The Pet Lover: 30 – 35 points

During a call, if you are a pet lover then you never miss a chance to show off your pets. You always get complimented on your cute bundles of joy, and you’re likely getting hit in the face with a tail while trying to talk to your teacher. You may be late for your zoom call because you spent a countless number of minutes trying to groom your pet to look perfect for the zoom. You mute your microphone so that your pet’s barking doesn’t disrupt the class. However, if you have gotten this number of points and don’t have pets then you are likely distracting but not enough to be a disruption. You cause attention to yourself on accident, and you are likely to have that one parent that is talking to you while on zoom. You may forget to mute your microphone sometimes, and it’s possible that you are late to class for a varied number of reasons, but either way, you are late a lot. 

  • The Disruptor: 35 – 42 points

In school, you were most likely the class clown, and that didn’t change when zoom meetings started. You’re probably the obnoxious student that plays rap or hip hop music in the background, and your teacher has to remind you to turn off your microphone 50% of the time. You love making people in the zoom chat laugh, and you might even show off your dance moves to the class.  You most likely show up to zoom for entertainment or to socialize and you usually like to join the zoom calls 20 minutes in. 

  • The Immersed student/Teacher’s Pet: 42 – 50 points

During a call, you are very engaged. You never miss what the teacher is saying, and you are likely the first to unmute your microphone to answer the teacher’s question. You are always on time or at least five minutes early, and you usually join zoom calls for help or to review material if not learning more. You never leave in the middle of a zoom, and when you do leave you most likely thank your teacher and say goodbye.