Blue Belles Take iDance Back to the Twenties


by Caroline Cravens , Staff Writer

Looking for something to do this Saturday? Come see the Blue Belles perform in iDance. All Leander ISD dance teams will be together on stage in the PAC for two shows (1 pm, and 7 pm) on Saturday the 28th.
The Blue Belles will be putting forth new routines; including a “Great Gatsby” dance. The Gatsby mix is “really elaborate and good to the storyline,” sophomore Blue Belle Paige Hoelscher, said. “We have different kinds of levels, many costume changes, and elaborate lighting. The party scene is my favorite; it’s crazy and wild like in the movies. Everyone should come see it.”
The party scene Hoelscher mentions has tons of bright colors, sparkles, and fringe.

“I’m absolutely in love with it (the Gatsby routine) and I think that our team pulls it off really well,” sophomore Blue Belle Isabelle Hoff said. “My favorite part is probably the party scene, because it takes you back to the old times. There’s a lot of excitement, and we have like a bunch of dresses on, it’s just a lot of fun.”

Along with the Great Gatsby dance, the Blue Belles will also be performing a hip hop routine, their intro, and the officers will perform another special ensemble.

Tickets for the 7pm show are selling out fast, but there are plenty of 1 pm tickets left. Be sure to buy from the Blue Belles this week instead of at the door so they can receive the full $10 profit.