Blue Belles welcome everyone back to school

Annual dance clinic hosts over 100 local children


Pam Dyer

Senior Kelli Dyer, Chelsea Robinson and Paige Hoelscher posing for their Back to School clinic shoot. The Blue Belles use clinics to help fund for their spring show.

by Jack Densmore, Editor-in-Chief

The Blue Belles hosted their largest Back to School clinic yet on September 12th in the morning and afternoon.

“It is a way for the Blue Belles to serve their community in a unique way,” senior captain Kelli Dyer said. “It is also a fundraiser that helps fund our spring show and many other things.”

Roughly 140 kids, with ages ranging from three to 16, came to the clinic to dance with the Blue Belles. Lunch was also provided.

“The Back to School clinic is usually our largest,” Dyer said. “But we didn’t expect that big of a turn out.”

The kids learn a dance routine, and then perform it for their parents and grandparents at the end of the day.

“Watching all the kids perform at the end is my favorite part,” Dyer said. “You just see their smiling faces and it helps you remember why we are all their together and that’s because we all love to dance.”

Blue Belles are in charge of teaching certain age groups routines.

“Clinics are always just a lot of fun,” senior Paige Hoelscher said. “I teach the oldest group, so I love getting to challenge them and watch them grow as dancers.”

Both parents and kids are able to go to the clinic. According to Hoelscher, kids try and go to as many clinics as they can. 

Watching all the kids perform at the end is my favorite part.

— Kelli Dyer

“The kids always love it,” Hoelscher said. “The parents also love it because not only are their kids having fun but they have the comfort in knowing that their kids are very safe with us for the day.”

The clinic has been around for a while and has always been a tradition.

“The Back to School clinic has been a long standing tradition the Blue Belles have had before I was even a Blue Belle,” Hoelscher said. “It grows every year, especially being that this was our biggest one to date.”