Congrats to the Baby Belles of 2013-2014


by Caroline Cravens, Staff writer


After four days of learning a four minute routine, and sitting for hours on end, Blue Belle auditioners sat in a circle with envelopes in front of them. Some girls came in to try out with lots of experience and some really didn’t have much. Three girls had already gone through the audition process at least once and made sapphires (the JV team) last year. Of the girls who tried out, thirteen had letters welcoming them to Blue Belles. Until next year, these 13 girls (and four new Blue Belle managers) will be considered “Baby Belles.”

“I really didn’t know what my letter said, and I really just wanted to know, and I was freaking out because the seniors were making us wait longer; I knew the answer was right in front of me, and I couldn’t know at that moment because we weren’t supposed to open it yet. I was anxious to find out,” Alexa Urrea said.

Congratulations to junior Caitlyn Campbell, sophomores Madison Cathey and Taylor Goree, freshmen Shey Davis, Kelli Dyer, Hailey Evans, Paige Hoelscher, Isabell Hoff, Savonn Johnson, Gabbi Melton, Chelsea Robinson, Alexa Urrea, and Lauren Yetter for making Baby Belles.

“Sapphires definitely got me closer to the directors; they got to know my work ethics. I think a part of auditions is knowing whether girls will be able to work as hard when they make it in and I think the directors know that I will. I recommend going through Sapphires if someone doesn’t make it on their first try,” Campbell said.

Baby Belle managers will be junior Lindsey Chappell, and sophomores Bryanna Edwards, Desiree Lacson, and Lacey Patterson.

“I’ve been dancing since I could walk basically, at studios and what not. I was really excited,” Hoff said. “I’m excited to be part of the great organization!” Dyer said.