Cast of Annual Musical Named


by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

After three days of auditions and callbacks, the casting list has been posted for the How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

Finch…..Kade Ferguson, 12

Rosemary…..Lynley Eilers, 11

Biggley…..Zane Hudson, 12

Frump…..Nico Champion, 12

Hedy La Rue…..Chloe Berlinger, 12

Smitty…..Miranda Pizer, 10

Miss Jones…..Annika Low, 11

Bratt…..Cullan Payne, 10

Mr. Twimble…..Evan Hayes, 10

Gatch…..Matthew Kennedy, 10

Miss Krumholtz…..Alli Lesko, 12

Ovington…..Elias Martinez, 12

Mr. Womper…..Carter Wiseman, 10

Scrub woman 1…..Jorden Hoelscher, 12

Scrub woman 2…..Laura Doan, 12

Scrub woman 3…..Lydia Singleton, 10

Secretaries: Lyrik Koottungal, Caoilinn Payne, Courtney Castillo, Emilee Earthman, Kaily Pollchik, Olivia Baker, Ana Arthur, Mathilde Le Tacon, Taylor Bode, Amanda Castillo, Lily Kubin, Cindy Nguyen, Emma Tucker, Kate Wells, and Ellena Martinez

Executives: Austin Graham, Patrick Wilbanks, Nick Davila, Jordan Bird, Ryan Kerlick, Briggs Dunford, and Hunter Jones

Wicket Dancers: Elias Martinez, Cullan Payne, Evan Hayes, Carter Wiseman, Nick Davila, Matthew Kennedy, Lyrik Koottungal, Ana Arthur, Mathilde Le Tacon, Emilee Earthman, Caoilinn Payne, and Taylor Bode

The musical is about about an ambitious window washer, J. Pierrepont Finch, trying to make it big in the business world, all with the help of a How-to manual. It will be performed January 22 through the 25 in the Don Tew Performing Arts Center.