Drum Majors and Section Leaders for 2013-2014


by Siandhara Bonnet, Staff Writer

The band has had an amazing year with the Ritual and many competitions. There have been ups and downs, but the band has gotten through it all. They will now be under new section leaders and drum majors. Congratulations to the following students:

Flute: Jessica Jones, sophomore, Elizabeth Molina, junior, Jamyelle Tanksley, sophomore, Jessica Rodriguez, junior, Katie Queen, sophomore, and Abby Gregorio, sophomore

Clarinet: Kelly Terrell, junior, Nathan Snyder, sophomore, Nicole Salinas, sophomore, Samantha Wallace, junior, and Holly Ekas, sophomore

Bass Clarinet: Derek Sanchez, junior, and Tamlinn Castellana, junior

Saxophone: Daniel Smith, sophomore, Jonathan Rivera, junior, Rachel Moore, freshman, Tristen Banuelos, freshman, Vanessa Winklepleck, junior, and Adam Nance, junior

Mello: Brittany Laramore, junior, Anthony Leeber, freshman, and Tommy Bennett, freshman

Trumpet: Alex Rangel, sophomore, Bridget Lensing, junior, Jacob Ostrander, sophomore, Joey Tkach, freshman, and Andrew Thompkins, junior

Trombone: Alan Champion, junior, Nick Martinez, junior, Megan McPherson, sophomore, and Harmonie Sturrup, sophomore

Euphonium: Hunter Gage, junior, Todd Biggerstaff, sophomore, and Shannyn Cowart, junior

Tuba: Alper Orkun, sophomore, and Brandan Armas, sophomore

Colorguard: Joci Guerra, sophomore, Meredith Monroe, junior, and Shilo Criswell, sophomore

Percussion: Abraham Mateo, sophomore, Dillon Hausam, sophomore, Cole Scott, sophomore, Noel Rivera, junior, Richard Hensley, junior, and Isaac Johnston, junior

Drum Majors: Holly Ekas, sophomore, Adam Nance, junior, Jessica Jones, sophomore, Andrew Thompkins, junior