Get Lost in Atlantis with the 2013 Band Theme: Beneath the Surface

by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

The band has some high expectations for next year after their epic show last year,  and they plan to top The Ritual. The theme for next year’s show is Beneath the Surface.

The directors announced the show to the students through a video (, made by one of the directors, Robert Selaiden).The video has a Greek, under-water, Atlantis feel to it as the show is expected to have.
To create this under-water-Atlantis feel, the band will have 12 foot Greek style columns placed around the field. They are also planning to put 10 yard long, 6 foot ramps all over the field; the band will be able to climb these ramps and play on them and then march down the other side.
“This next year we want Beneath the Surface to truly give the effect that you are in Atlantis and under water,” Selaiden said. “It should be elegant, epic, and dark all at the same time. There will be intimate moments with soloists and there will be unbelievably powerful moments with an incredible sound from the band.”
The show will feature music from Daphnis et Chloe by Ravel, Symphonic Metamorphosis by Hindemith, Symphony No. 10 by Shostakovich, and Symphony No. 1 by Mahler.
“I feel like the music is going to fit really well because I heard we were going to play like Hindemith and a lot of other things,” sophomore clarinetist Holly Ekas said.
The students are excited to get started on the show, and are hoping to impress their audience. The band will first show off their opener at their music camp on May 2nd.
“When I heard the band theme, I started screaming and pumping my fist in the air. I was probably one of the loudest ones there and that’s saying a lot, because a lot of people were really loud,” Ekas said. “I want people to think wow! I didn’t think the Ritual could be toped, but they did it!”