by Caroline Cravens, Assistant Editor

Blue Belles will take the stage with four other high schools today and tomorrow at 7 pm. Along with the four high schools varsity dance teams, there will be other performers including the JV teams, eight middle schools, and honor guards.

The Blue Belles are in seven dances, but some are officer/special ensembles. Team performances are “Neon Lights: Intro” , “Kill the Lights” and “Light Em Up”. Neon lights is the introduction piece that features all the Blue Belles and their positions on the team. The jazz piece, Kill the Lights, is a unique dance for the Blue Belles with several different aspects to it. As assistant director Brooke Wetuski puts it, Light Em Up is an anthem.

“I’m excited to become one with all the other five schools, and really collaborate as one district; and not just five different teams, ” junior Kelli Dyer said. “My favorite routine is our intro (Neon Lights), because it shows who all of us are, and it really shows off all of our team.”

iDance will open up with the officers from all five high schools coming together during “Pumping Blood.” After intermission a select group of Blue Belles will perform a special hip hop, “RIP,” with girls from the other four high schools. Finally the show will close with “Music,” and all five high schools will dance together.

Tickets for iDance are $10 and can be bought at any lunch or in the studio. Patrons are encouraged tp buy tickets ahead of time (not at the door) so that Blue Belles can get a full $10 profit, but they will be available at the door.