Lined With Silver Confetti

Blue Belles Spring Show


by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

Get ready for some glitter because the Blue Belles are having a party. To celebrate Mrs. Anderson’s 25th year as a director, the show is entitled Silver Linings XXV.

Spring Show promises lots of surprises and fun. The Blue Belles have several new dances, like Let’s Have A Kiki, as well as old favorites. Baby Belles and Sapphires are also dancing, as well as several guest dance teams.

“[There will be] Glitter, a lotta glitter,” Junior Tyler Banks said. “You’ll just have to see the kiki; Kiki means party, we’re having a party.”

Not only will the crowd enjoy some amazing dancing, but one Blue Belle called it a “interaction” between the audience and the dancers.

“There’s a lot of audience interactions,” Junior Kourtnie Labay said. “Things are going to be coming from the sky, and they might get to eat something. The show is a big celebration.”

Spring Show is April 9-12. Tickets for shows at 7 pm can be bought from the Blue Belle studio or at lunch for $10. Tickets for the 1 pm show on April 12 are being sold for $8. For dance team girls tickets on Wednesday’s show are half off.