Step two of 39


Siandhara Bonnet

The 39 Steps is a comedy set in the 1930’s

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

The Theatre department’s One Act Play, The 39 Steps, will advance to Bi-District after a successful weekend at District at Dripping Springs High School.

“Advancing makes us very self assured,” senior Zane Hudson said. “We have been working extremely hard to get our show where it is now. Advancing has let us know that our hard work is paying off.”

Hudson, who plays protagonist Richard Hannay, won Best Actor.

“I have worked four years for that moment,” Hudson said. “But now that I have earned it, I have to work harder and harder each day now to earn it again at bi-district.”

Senior Allison Lesko and sophomore Matthew Kennedy were awarded with All Star Cast. Senior Siandhara Bonnet was awarded with All Star Crew member for her sound execution during the performance.

“There were so many schools there and they recognized me out of so many,” Lesko said. “I was completely shocked, [and it] really made my day to see hard work noticed. This show is one of the last major events I’ll have before I graduate and I’m not ready to give that up yet.”

Bi-District will be on April 9 at Vista Ridge, and the department will perform at three o’clock. Break a leg!


The 39 Steps is a comedic show about Richard Hannay and his journey throughout the United Kingdom to prevent a spy from being able to carry a secret out of the country. It was written John Buchan and published in 1915. It was later adapted by Patrick Barlow, the version that the department is using, along with Alfred Hitchcock in 1935.