The Show Must Go On! Music Man show continues despite weather setbacks

After months of preparation and endless rehearsals, the theatre department was ready to perform this year’s musical, The Music Man, only to be met with bad weather.

The Thursday and Friday evening performances were cancelled due to the icey roads and cold weather, but, as the saying goes, however, the show went on. Opening night, the Saturday performance at 8 p.m., the cast and crew were met with a full house.

“Everyone was really sad about it, and of course I was sad about it, but in the end, it wasn’t really all that surprising to me,” junior Chloe Berlinger, cast as Eulalie Shinn, said.

Not only was it opening night, but it was also senior and tech night. The following day had two performances, a matinee and an evening.

Although the first two performances were cancelled, it didn’t distract the cast and crew from giving the best performances they could. On and off the stage, members of the musical lit up the stage.

“It was really depressing, and coming back into it I was really worried that all of us were gonna remember or some, maybe, the adrenaline would go down, but no, we went and we went bigger than ever,” Berlinger said.

As soon as it came, it left. The show was over and the performances done. The stage was cleaned and cleared of the set, the fly system cleaned, props returned to the closets, and costumes cleaned and returned.