The truth to the Rumors

Theatre soon to perform annual ‘Fall Show’


Austin Graham

Juniors Patrick Wilbanks, Carter Wiseman and senior Annika Lowe. This is the first scene in which the two characters on the left, Glenn and Cassie, are introduced.

by Austin Graham, Assistant Editor

The theatre program begins their season every year with their fall show/desert theatre. It’s a two act play in which the audience is served a desert during the 15 minute intermission of the show. This year they chose to perform Neil Simons play, Rumors. They will have four performances at 7pm throughout October 14-17. Tickets will be $10 for students and $12 for general admission.

“Rumors is a farce about how the inter-relating complications of high society civilians interact and destroy their lives in a comical manner,” junior Carter Wiseman said. “I think people should come see the show to their support for the theatre department and to appreciate the work we’ve put in, also to laugh.”

The show takes place during the 1980’s in a studio apartment style house in upper class New York. The owners of the house, Charley and Myra, are only spoken of in the show. The cast is four wealthy married couples whose main concern is other people’s business and two police officers.

“We wanted the set to look really sophisticated,” technical director Chuck Harris said. “We went with a monochromatic scheme of greys, whites, blacks and silvers. We wanted it to look really modern so that it would have that effect of the modern piece.”

The show will take place in the little theatre. Tickets can be purchased during all lunches and at the show.