Theatre Troupe 5232 Performs Well at Convention, Qualifies for Nationals


Chuck Harris

Troupe 5232

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

Members of theatre Troupe 5232 traveled to Dallas, Texas, November 20-22 to learn more about theatre and show off their talents in attempts to qualify for nationals and perform on the main stage at convention.

The troupe had seven events that qualified for nationals, and two performances that had the opportunity to audition for the chance to perform at the closing ceremony of the convention.

Results were posted Friday night and the students learned that sophomore Zooey Porter with her short film, A Cure, was one of nine students selected to continue on to nationals.

“I thought they must have gotten the wrong film because I didn’t think my movie would make it that far,” Porter said. ” but I was pretty elated when I found out. It was amazing.”

As the night continued, the troupe learned that junior Annika Low, and seniors Kade Ferguson and Nico Champion’s solo and duet musical performances, respectively, could audition for main stage.

“It was probably one of the most amazing feelings ever,” Low said. “There’s nothing like performing and there’s nothing like being told that all the work that you did was worth it, and I just wanted to make sure that I put my best effort out there.”

The two groups performed, but did not make the cut for the closing ceremony.

“It was an honor to even make it as far as we did,” Ferguson said. “Only four duets out of thew whole state made it as far as we did and that’s amazing. Yeah, it would have been nice to be selected, but our work paid off, and it was a great experience.”

However, solo and duet musical, along with group musical, senior Chloe Berlinger’s monologues, theatre marketing by sophomore Ana Arthur, are qualified for national competition.

“I was really excited,” Arthur said. “I really wasn’t expecting it. I’m shooting for first place to win overall, but if it doesn’t happen, it’s okay.”

The troupe also walked away with seventh place overall for the Texas Technical Challenge, competing against 66 other schools.

“I was really excited, especially since we got tenth last year,” sophomore Kember Campbell said.

The students still await the technical competitions placing for team costume, mask making, make up, and set design.