Thespian Officers Named for 2014-2015


Courtesy of LeanderCPforLyfe's twitter

Thespian officers 2014-2015. Left to Right: juniors Lindsay Jones, Courtney Castillo, Nico Champion, Zane Hudson, and Siandhara Bonnet

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

The International Thespian Society is the Educational Theatre Association’s student honorary organization. To apply, students have to rack up at least 10 points from being in shows such as the fall production, the musical, or compete at UIL in the One Act Play.

Next year’s officers are: juniors Nico Champion, President; Zane Hudson, Vice President; Courtney Castillo, Secretary; Lindsay Jones, Treasurer; and Siandhara Bonnet, Historian.

New Thespian inductees are: freshmen Cullan Payne, Audrey Nieusma, Emily Pritchett, Kember Campbell, Kayleigh Brown, Carter Wiseman, Miranda Pizer, Sarah Hayes, Amanda Castillo, Patrick Wilbanks, Cynthia Nguyen, Jacob Vaughn, Julia Harper, Nicholas Davila, Lilian Kubin, Zooey Porter, Austin Graham, Tanja Milanovic, Angelicia Allen, Kelsey Pirc, and Ana Arthur; sophomores Rebekah Fielding, Olivia Baker, Emilee Earthman, Kaily Pollchik, Kaitlyn Gass, and Mathilde Le Tacon; and juniors Siandhara Bonnet, Jorden Hoelscher, Courtney Castillo, Laura Doan, Charles Permenter, and Lyrik Kootungal.

They will be inducted at the Theatre Banquet on May 31.