Winter Guard Continues Winning Streak


by Brianna Acosta

With only one competition left before championships, the winter guard has continued a major winning streak. The guard has won first place in every competition this season. This year’s show is called All of Me featuring that track by John Legend. Will Calloway is the guard director and he created the show drill and concept.

“I like picking music that is very emotional,” Calloway said. “ It allows the performers to truly express the vibe and feel of the music.”

Last year, the guard won their second championship and are continuing to improve. As the years go on the older members keep skill and information from the previous and are able to pass that down to the newer boys and girls.

“Newer kids they feed off the hunger that the older kids have to want to be good at spinning and dancing and performing,” Calloway said. “I would definitely say that this guard is the best that it’s been in the three years that I’ve been here.”

Calloway hopes to get their third championship this year and want more people to sign up for guard in the upcoming years.

“At the end of the season we hope that we have done our jobs in being able to recruit more people,” Calloway said. “Getting girls and guys excited about something they aren’t a part of that they want to be a part of.”guard done copy