Album Review: Welcome Home by Zac Brown Band

New album goes back to band’s ‘Roots’


Kyle Gehman

Zac Brown Band’s new album is out on iTunes. It is currently available to pre-order for $9.70.

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

Zac Brown Band has just pre-released five songs from their highly anticipated new album “Welcome Home”. These first five songs out of ten get 5 out of 5 stars.

After two years from their last album release, “Jekyll and Hyde”, the country band have released half of their new album. One of the tracks, “My Old Man”, was released on February 3, but the four others have just now launched. The band’s last album was very popular, with it being at number one at it’s peak on Billboard 100; however, many of the followers of the group felt that it was too mainstream and that they needed to return to their typical southern charm. This explains the name of the album and the change in the music style to a slower and more country genre.

All of the first five songs bring back this style that was really last seen in their first major album, “The Foundation”. Songs like “My Old Man” and “All the Best” are truly heartfelt songs that the band was known for. The soft and slow melody along with the violin and guitar really help to contrast the amazing voices and lyrics. However, they have not forgotten to include some of the style that last propelled them into the spotlight. “Roots”, “Real Thing” and “Family Table” are all more fast paced songs that are easy to listen too. However, listeners get the best of both worlds with the more popular sounds, along with country topics and lyrics.

Overall, this first half of the album really achieved the goals of the band to bring back their roots of music with the country charm mixing with the catchy music very well. The rest of the album will be released this Friday, May 12.