Amans lingua Latina

Latin teacher Elisha Lueers story at Leander

by Taylor Key, Staff Writer

Although it is considered a dead language and not spoken by any one country, Latin has managed to maintain the rich Roman history and culture that surrounds it, while giving glimpses into the past of a civilization has long since past. It is a tie to a world that is gone, but not forgotten.  It was this appeal that first fostered Elisha Lueers’ love for the language.

“I knew for certain that I wanted to teach Latin when I was in high school!” Lueers said, “ I was especially drawn by the challenge that Latin posed to me then, and envisioned myself guiding students through that challenging yet memorable experience! I wanted to impress upon students the precision of Latin, but also the enthralling nature of the characters and events in stories I had enjoyed reading myself.”

Growing up with sisters, she often time helped out with their homework and studying; which played a big part in her decision to ultimately become a teacher.

“In some ways, teaching had always seemed a natural choice for me,” Lueers said. “ As I was finishing up my year of methods and student teaching in Bluffton, Ohio, I excitedly sought out opportunities in the sunshine.”

For the last four years, Lueers has been able to share her love of the subject and spark student’s own interested in the subject here at LHS. Although she enjoys most the aspects of teaching her, it was the IB latin program that only Leander holds in the district that ultimately led her here.

“The words “international baccalaureate” caught my eye, and I was excited about Leander’s commitment to developing well-rounded and internationally-minded students through thoughtful learning experiences.” Lueers said.”It’s been really interesting to work with students performing on a variety of academic levels, and each group has its own unique and endearing qualities.”

But her students have not been the only ones learning over the years. Her time as a teacher has not only led her to a positive faculty community but has taught her many skills in leadership and preparation, which have since transferred over into her personal life.

“ I’ve found that teaching requires rapid professional development from year to year in order to successfully fulfill new commitments and standards.” Lueers said. “ Nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed taking on such challenges as the mLISD implementation and mentoring a student teacher. My favorite aspects of the job continue to be the daily experiences with the students!”

With the 2017 to 2018 school year going on to be her fifth in total, Lueers is excited to see what her new Latin one kids will bring to the table and how her older classes will develop.

“Each group brings something unique to the reading and learning experience, and I love satisfying their thirst for knowledge which sometimes transcends the curriculum.” Lueers said. “It is so rewarding to see a student’s excitement when making sense of a new concept, amusement in the details of fascinating stories, and continued academic growth each year!”