Band releases new marching show

Internal Landscapes set to be new show


Kyle Gehman

The band performs their show The Fourth Dimension during a game against Lake Travis. They placed as the 6th best performance in the nation.

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

Internal Landscapes was announced last week to be the new show performed by the band during marching season at the football games and during competition season.

“I’m looking forward to the show because it’s about dreams and I think it’s going to be interesting because it’s surreal,” junior Erlinda Chew said. “The whole idea behind the show theme is really cool.”

Internal Landscapes is a show concentrated around dreams. One performer will be sitting in the center of the field while the band revolves around her showing the images that she is creating in her head.

“I’m mostly excited about the direction we are taking with the musical element of our program,” band director Robert Selaiden said. “We have been known around the country for the program that uses electronics throughout our program, and it’s something we will stay true to, but this year we are diving into pop music and cinematic material as well.”

I’m mostly excited about the direction we are taking with the musical element of our program.

— Robert Selaiden

The show is replacing last year’s award winning performance of The Fourth Dimension. They won Division AAA Title, Outstanding Musical Performance, Outstanding Visual Performance and Outstanding General Effect and placed 6th overall in the nation at Grand Nationals in Indianapolis.

“My favorite part about performing The Fourth Dimension this year was getting to experience marching band in it’s full for the last time as a senior,” senior Chase Holder said.