Lions comeback to tie McCallum

Jimenez and Alejo’s goals end game in a tie


Kyle Gehman

Sophomore Angel Ruiz flicks the ball past a Rouse defender. They lost this game 3-1.

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

The Lions varsity boys soccer kicked off last Tuesday against McCallum after previously losing 3-1 to Rouse. However, they hung on to grab a 2-2 draw.

“We didn’t let up even though we were down 2-0, but we need to work on making sure they don’t score so easy and so fast,” sophomore Ernesto Alejo said.

McCallum scored first giving them the lead in the beginning half of the game. By halftime, the Lions were down 2-0.

“Losing at home is not what we want for the fans,” Jimenez said. “We try to give them the best effort we can and a great show. As I scored, I felt like I completed my goal set to not lose and it made me feel like the team came together closer as a family.”

We didn’t let up even though we were down 2-0.

— Ernesto Alejo

However, Alejo scored to bring the match to a one goal difference. Then, sophomore Reid Jimenez scored to tie the game at 2-2.

“We have to push up as a team and pressure the ball and we can’t let them attack the goal in the first minutes of the game to make sure we don’t get scored on first,” Jimenez said.

The Lions are now at a tournament at Westwood High School and their next regular season game will be on January 27 against Vista Ridge.