Lions taken down by Raiders

JV Boys fall close to Rouse


Amanda Nguyen

Sophomore Landon Sission gets ready to shoot the ball. This is his second year playing basketball.

by Amanda Nguyen, Staff Writer

 The Lions lost to the Rouse Raiders on November 15. The final score was 40-53 at Leander.

I feel like the team needs to work on finishing games as well as knowing what we need to do. We also need to work on running our offense better.

— JV coach Bradley Washington

During the second period, the Lions were challenged when the Raiders scored with 3:07 left in the period making the score 36-47.

“The main thing we need to work on is defense,” junior Damion Hernandez said. “We also need to work on rebounding as well as being more wise.”

The Lions received a lot of fouls due to pushing.

“In our offense, we need to take more consecutive shots and our guards need to shoot more perimeter shots,” Hernandez said. “It would really help us advance by a lot.”

By third period, Leander was down 23-41.

“We played hard and that’s all that matters,” Hernandez said. “We just need to continue to work hard in practice and listen to our coaches.”

Sophomore Ryan Amerson scored three points with 54 seconds left in the final period advancing the Lions to 40-51.

The JV Lions played against the Cedar Ridge Raiders on November  22. The Lions won with a final score of 49-46.

“This season I’m expecting good outcomes,” junior Damion Hernandez said.

During the first period, the Lions scored a total of eight points.

“For us players, we have to work hard to meet our goal of becoming district champs,” Hernandez said.

Coach Washington said that the Lions are good team players. They are there for each other during games as well as outside of school and practice.

“They help each other when they’re down,” coach Washington said. “If they need help on what to do or how to do it, they look for each other for guidance and support.”

The Lions scored a total of 35 points in the first half.

“We have good coaching and good players this year,” Hernandez said. “Everything they’re doing is to help us will be good for next year on Varsity.”

They felt that they played confidently throughout the game, having good communication with each other and having scored a lot of points in the third period.