Long road ahead

ACL recovery poem


Danielle Bell

I tore my left ACL and meniscus a year ago and so I still have to play with a brace today. Injuries like this are hard but can definitely change you for the better.

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

Go in for the tackle but leg bends back with a loud pop
Limp off the field waiting for this odd pain to stop
Reassure your team that you’ll be back 2 weeks top
But the pain doesn’t subside
You realize you may have lied
You have to go to take an MRI and your heart starts to drop

You think that the path to recovery isn’t too far now
It won’t be much longer until you’re back you vow
But when class ends your dad is also in the car but you don’t know how
He was supposed to be in the air
Work trip was today I swear
All of a sudden it hits you like a bullet, pow

They try to stay strong and keep a straight face
But pretty soon mom’s tears gush like they’re in a race
You feel like throwing up and escaping this place
Your heart shatters
And right now is all that matters
Hopes and dreams come crashing down like meteors from space

ACL is completely torn, surgery is in a week
Why did this have to happen…? You weep
Never liked not being in control, makes you feel weak
Watching teammates play
Makes you realize you can’t stay
Driving away with tears pouring down your cheek

Surgery is today but that comes and goes
Nothing will be the same and everyone knows
Pain of not being able to even get dressed grows
Therapy starts
Electrotherapy is like darts
Icing every second until your leg is froze

Summer is spent hobbling on crutches with a brace
Or swimming laps furiously like it was your last race
Anything to cope with this unfortunate case
Pushing everything to the edge
Have to work harder you pledge
Getting back to where you were before is like a chase

Over time the healing and the muscles start to progress
Thinking about this temporary disability becomes less
Being able to be back ahead of time is a reasonable guess
Only thing consistent, is keeping it deep
Not so much as giving a peep
Not for pity, but as a way to keep away the fears and stress

Seven months fly by and before you know it you’re back
But the pain has finally bust loose like a glass with a crack
Through the muscles in your leg, back to the ice pack
Now it’s back to therapy
Just when you thought you were free
Can’t walk off the field, that’s how you know what you’ll always lack

No matter how hard you work and how successful you become
The occasional pain and being held back will still come
You can come back better, stronger and then some
But it doesn’t fully leave
Even if you don’t greave
The heartache doesn’t fully ever numb

But being back makes you appreciate time on the field
The joy of coming back is like a needed shield
All the bonus pain or nuances is mostly concealed
It takes time
To get back to your prime
But most importantly is that you are healed