She’s a dream

Poem for national poetry month

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

You set the clock for the time
You walk up to your bed and make the climb
Get under the covers and start to ask why
But all you can see is that sad goodbye

You start to look back and reflect
About how far it’s come within every aspect
At first all you can see is all the pain and remorse
But then you start thinking about the entire course

Calling her late at night instead of doing homeworks
Because it’s the thought of her that always lurks
The lonely nights where you just want to be held
Because her arms around you make you feel so compelled

Dreaming during the day
It feels like the only way
Hoping for that next time until you feel her presence
Is your entire life in an escence

Right before telling yourself you can get over her
The phone flashes with a text that creates a blur
You give a simple reply quickly shot back like a dart
But what she doesn’t know is that it contains your heart

Before you know it, she’s starting to have the feelings too
It feels so good, better than you thought
The endless possibilities of things to do
Your love for each other intertwines like a knot

The weekend is planned for all the dates
Going on adventures and exploring everything around
She has started to lift up all these weights
It feels as if you’ve finally been found

Your energy is completely devoted to this girl
In your heart and head she takes so much space
But in the back of your head everything starts to whirl
For you know that soon you won’t see her face

Try and try to push it out of your mind
Just to get it far out of your head
But all you can seem to find
Is that a countdown of time is what you dread

But now it’s time to let that girl go
You poured your love into her like a cup
You will still have her as a friend you know
Oh but why do you have to breakup
You didn’t have enough time to show
But now it’s time to wake up