Top 5 Places To Apply For Jobs

Where to work if you’re seeking employment

by Arie Shaver, Staff Writer

It’s about that time of the year where most people are looking for a job to earn some extra money while they’re in school. However, finding a good job can be a struggle, especially if you’re under 16 years old. Don’t worry: we have you covered! Here’s a list of the best places to apply while in school.

#1 Mcdonalds
Mcdonald’s is a popular food restaurant across the globe and is one of the most known places that hire under the age of 16. They’re always hiring and are perfect for those who are quick on their feet and like to move around. Their fast-paced environment will always keep you busy.

#2 Chick-fil-a
Chick fil a is an extremely popular restaurant here in Texas. It is also one of the places that are currently hiring. They have a positive and friendly environment, however, they are also perfect for people who love a big crowd and like to stay on their feet. However, due to extra technology that allows the lines to move a little faster the big crowds won’t be stressful. Chick-fil-a also recognizes religion, and therefore if you are someone who goes to church on Sundays then you won’t have to worry because they close on Sundays.

#3 PDQ
PDQ is a fast food restaurant known for selling foods containing chicken. They are currently looking for new employees to fill their store and have a great environment to work in. PDQ also has an amazing pay rate and employees are making anywhere from $200-$500 every two weeks.

#4 Bush’s Chicken
Bush’s Chicken is a great place to work for those people who like to work outdoors and like to move around a lot. Bush’s also hires under the age of 16 and welcomes new employees anytime. The fast-moving environment of the cars will definitely keep you on your feet and it’s a great first-time job as well.

#5 Menchies
Menchies is a store that makes and sells frozen yogurt. It is a great first job for those who are looking for something to start out with. The environment is relaxed and calm and for the most part isn’t hectic. Fortunately, Menchies is also one of the places that hire under 16.