Trends you would not believe

Octobers Top 6 Trends


Ryan Christodoulou via Unsplash

People are already getting their pumpkins ready for this fall season.

by Arie Shaver, Staff Writer

Taped Shoes
Have you ever wanted to buy a pair of dirty taped up shoes? No? Neither have we. However, apparently, plenty of people do. Recently, Nordstrom has released the Super Star Taped Sneakers, a pair of pre-worn taped up sneakers which they are selling for $530. Many people would think no one would buy dirty shoes, but a check revealed that the department store actually sold out its current stock. Crazy right? Yeah, we know. The shoes have been seen all over twitter where people have been either making memes or showing off their “newly” bought shoes.

Pumpkin Spice

You already know what time it is. That’s right fall is the season that welcomes the pumpkin spice. Whether it’s the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks that most people adore or just pumpkin flavored foods, the pumpkins are already being brought out at stores and people are getting ready to make their pumpkin buffet dreams a reality.

Flying Cars
In what time period do you place flying cars? 2045? 2060? Maybe even 3005. Or maybe you just don’t believe in the existence of flying cars. Well, then you’d be surprised to find out that Japan is hard at work to make flying cars a 2023 reality. Currently, Japan is working with 21 companies to produce these cars. Companies such as Honda and Toyota are making huge investments in gathering the gear and technology needed to further the invention process.

Have you ever wanted to have an animoji that looked like you and not the default animals? Well, your prayers have been answered. Recently Apple has launched a beta of the Memojis, custom-made animojis that allow you to look like yourself and not like animals. Memojis have been seen all over Instagram where many people have been using them to make memes and various skits.

A new trend called Instaception has been seen on Instagram where mostly make up artists have been using makeup to paint an Instagram post. Makeup artists leave their entire face bare except for a square that visualizes the post.