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Best places to shop this November


Alexandra Gorn via Unsplash

People empty out their closets of summer clothes and bring in the fall style

by Arie Shaver, Staff Writer

No matter what time of the season it is, it’s always good to have a nice pair of jeans lined up in your closet. Whether it’s those jeans that fit just right for girls or those jeans that make you look handsomely rugged for guys, Hollister provides a great selection of jeans. Hollister occasionally houses a sale where each pair of jeans is only $25. Pretty good right? Yeah, we know.
Ever wondered what store is likely to always have a sale? Well, that question is answered with the amazingly inexpensive store Aeropostale. With sales ranging anywhere from 20% to 75% off, Aeropostale is always guaranteed to give you a good discount, and it’s cardigans and sweaters are just what you may need this fall season.
You may ask yourself: “Where can I find a store that has everything?” While there are multiple answers to that question, the first thing that comes to mind is Macy’s. Being known as “The world’s largest department store” it’s expected to live up to its expectations and that it does. Ranging from brands such as Columbia, Adidas, and Nike, Macy’s is likely to have anything that you’ve been looking for and for an inexpensive price too. There you will find jackets, sweaters, jeans, scarfs, hats, and everything that you need for this fall season all in different brands.
American Eagle
While American Eagle isn’t the most wallet-friendly place, it makes up for it with beautifully designed jeans and sweaters. When it comes to distressed jeans they’re the perfect place to get them from. That’s if you don’t mind spending a little more.
Are there any words to describe how amazing H&M is? No? Yeah didn’t think so. If you’re looking for all the hottest trends, H&M is likely to have them. With trends from all over America, H&M proves to be the center of style and lives up to the motto ‘a passion for fashion.’ With nice jeans and comfy sweatshirts, H&M is a great place to shop for this fall season.