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v  By Claire Toomey

   It’s everywhere! Like a virus that attacks when least expected, and no one is immune. Procrastination seems to be the latest trend in high schools, and as hard as we try to understand this awful habit, no one seems to be able to find a remedy.

   Although students find procrastination frustrating, they do see a few advantages to this epidemic.

   “Procrastination helps me learn how to perform under pressure,” said Amanda Robinson, junior. “Also, I always end up getting everything done; procrastination just allows me to do fun stuff in the mean time, so it’s a win-win situation.”

   Since procrastination is such a part of life, perhaps one way to deal with it is to embrace it.

   “Procrastination is a fascinating game I play—just to see if I can beat it,” said Terry Nabi, journalism teacher. “I’ve lived so long up against deadlines that my adrenaline doesn’t get going until I feel the pressure.”

   Some teachers can relate students’ procrastination to themselves, as we all know procrastination doesn’t just stop after graduating from high school.

   “While students put off things like homework, I put off things like grading papers,” said Shawna Queen, math teacher. “My advice to lessen this addictive habit would be to really emphasize and increase the amount of motivation needed to get things accomplished.”

   Some students, who like almost all high school students procrastinate regularly, think it is something that should really be handled.

   “We need to understand that procrastination is an issue that should actually be dealt with, and that by eliminating procrastination, we help eliminate a huge source of stress,” said Skyler Conard, senior.

   Other students feel procrastination is just a part of everyday life which truly results in getting nothing accomplished.

   “We procrastinate because there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done,” said Bryanna Tappin, senior. “When it all boils down the worst part of it all is the fact that nothing gets done.”