Bryce Jones: Student Entrepreneur

By Emma Berkel

Since the first day of elementary school, students are told that they can become anything they wish so long as they’re willing to put forth the right amount of hard work and dedication. Each of us has the potential to rise up and become the owner of some gargantuan international corporation. With that in mind, throughout America a select few are utilizing their potential early.

Students like Bryce Jones, junior, have taken the initiative. In Bryce’s case, he’s used both computer design and the internet to set up a business selling graphic tees known simply as “THE B. BRAND”. THE B. BRAND’s mission is clear: to be “a brand that uses music, media, and today’s culture… to provide designs [that] are made to capture the attention of those around you.” While THE B. BRAND is still small, it’s growing and prospective customers can easily visit to browse as well as make their purchases.

For Bryce, this is a starting point. He hopes to take his budding business and expand further into the clothing and music industries, creating other businesses as he progresses. Having started in high school, he’s entitled to a large amount of time in which to gain experience, perfect his method, and achieve his goals.

Today, Bryce’s story is becoming less and less unusual as the young continue to see the windows and doors opened up by the internet. By utilizing modern technology, it’s become only easier and easier for students to gain experience and better prepare themselves for the world of business. Thus, with the click of a button, it’s become possible for a teenager to launch their future career even before their high school graduation. While practice, quality, and commitment are still necessary for even marginal success, a new brand name could be seen around the globe in minutes. An order could be placed at any time and advertisement gained through internet ads, e-mail, online forums, and still the conventional word of mouth can have a hot item shoot into success in a matter of months.

As Bryce said, “If [students] have a passion for something they should expand on that… get started on it right away.”

After all, a person doesn’t need a degree to begin dabbling in the world market.