C² reaches out to other schools

Photos and story by Taylor Harton

“One hundred and sixty thousand students stay home from school every day due to bullying”.  Bullying has become a growing problem in schools throughout the nation, though statistics show that “in schools where there are bullying programs bullying is reduced by 50%”.  Here at Leander High School students are taking a stand through the club C².  C² started in 2010 with nine students and it has grown to an astounding 300 members.  More importantly, this concept has spread through the LISD, surrounding districts, and has even received attention from colleges wanting to start their own C² type of club.  C², which stands for coalition of clubs, takes student from all different clubs and groups to stand together against bullying.

On Friday, Oct. 7, members and sponsors of the Leander C² came together to host their annual Fall Forum.  The C² Forum invites many schools from elementary to high school to LHS to show them what C² does and how it can change and affect our school.  Though no elementary schools were in attendance this year, Running Brushy, Cedar Park, Wiley, and Four Points Middle schools, as well as Leander, Cedar Park, Vista Ridge, Rouse, and Mable Falls High schools were attended.  Some of these schools already have anti-bullying programs in place while others came to see how to create one for their school.

The Forum started off with Leander coming out to share with the other schools what C² is, what we do in our school, and why it was started.  The schools participated in activities to think of ideas in how to stop bullying in their schools and promote kindness.  The students from all schools were put into random groups to get to know people from other schools and make new friends. The day’s activities weren’t all serious. There was an exciting dance party/dance off, pizza for lunch and when the forum was over, cake was served.

In the end, the forum was filled with fun, laughs, dancing, and “SWAG”.  C² is definitely making a positive change in our school, but you do not have to be wearing the yellow shirt to stop bullying or to help those who are victims of it.

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