Crazy driving causes fear in parking lot

   By Kaitlin Hutson

   From the constant rumble of their engine to the squealing tires of their wheels, some students at LHS have a need for speed. We see them every day in our school parking lots.

    We all are constantly reminded once we drive onto the pavement not only to look out for people walking, but for students in their cars as well. Those certain students have created a dilemma on how they perform their driving abilities.

   Speed; it’s the one thing teens love when it comes to cars, and there is no exception when it comes to students in the school parking lots. There’s not a school day that goes by without seeing at least one person speed off campus going more than 30mph.

   “I think speeding in the parking lot is ridiculous and immature,” said Lauren Gonzalez, junior. “People who speed try to be ‘cool’, but they’re really being dangerous.”

   While the average person starts pulling out of the parking space, that certain person with the urgency to move fast flies by without a single glance left or right. It’s surprising that we don’t hear about car collisions constantly.

   Yes, the school did take precaution by putting speed bumps on the side and back of the school. Most cars do use them with caution, but with big trucks that ‘must’ go fast; there is no need for them. They seem useless when trucks zoom past you at the speed of light.

    “I think that speed bumps don’t work because people never really slow down when going over them,” said Shelby Vollmar, junior.