Dear Ms. Moreno

A letter of appreciation


Jharna Kamath

A letter of appreciation for all you do. Thank you.

by Arie Shaver, Reporter

Dear Ms. Moreno, 

Thank you for your dedication and time to helping your students learn and adopt the Spanish language. You have spent countless hours teaching at this school, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Your optimism, passion, and determination are what make your class so entertaining and amusing. You are the definition of what it means to be a phenomenal teacher and person as well. Spanish class wouldn’t be the same without someone like you, and the way you present the culture is both unique and admirable, but on top of that, you truly care about your students and their well-being. You’re someone that your students can trust and depend on no matter the situation. Your smile and bubbly personality can brighten up anyone’s day, and it makes attending your class something to look forward to, especially on those stressful days. You have truly been a beacon of joy and happiness in this school, and we just want to take the time to let you know that you are truly appreciated.


The LHS Roar 

From your students:

“She doesn’t just teach, she’s there for you as a person,” junior Skylar Jamar said. “No matter how many times I’ve walked into her classroom, she’s always let me ask for help and talk. I have a lot of trust and respect for her as a teacher and a person because to her, it’s not just about teaching, it’s about life.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Moreno because she is the most understanding and caring teacher I have ever had,” junior Appolynne Bell said. “She is always there to help me with her lessons and always provides me with advice inside and outside of school.”

“I’m thankful to have Mrs. Moreno as my Spanish teacher,” senior Nazanin Fazlollapour said. “She puts all her effort into making her students be able to comprehend and not solely study the Spanish language by bringing in Spanish culture and incorporating writing and reading activities that are closely related to the outside world.”

“I appreciate Mrs. Moreno because she is down to earth,” sophomore Avery Keaton said. “She doesn’t sugar coat anything, and she makes us see the real world.”