Dear Ms. Feliciano

A letter of appreciation from your students


Jharna Kamath

A letter of appreciation for all you do. Thank you.

by Rachel Oliver, Editor in Chief

Dear Ms. Feliciano,


As a Spanish teacher, you’ve taught us more than we thought we could know. Past the language, you’ve helped to immerse us in the beautiful cultures that surround the language.

“We learned a lot about different cultures and identities in Hispanic regions that I probably wouldn’t have known before,” junior Amanda Lee said. “Often she incorporates TOK into her classes though, so that’s exciting. We get to learn how we know what we know which is what she teaches to the seniors, or us next year.”

Your philosophy on teaching has truly opened our eyes to the beauty of learning for the purpose of learning.

“She always believes that the learning process is most important,” Lee said. “Students shouldn’t have to stress over the grades so much but rather what they take from the lessons she’s teaching.”

We know that you will always have our backs. Whenever we have problems whether it be school-related or personal, we know that we can come to you and you will genuinely care about whatever we are dealing with.

“She’s very kind and if you ever need someone to talk to, she’s one of the teachers I would trust the most to have those conversations with,” Lee said.

For every student who walks in your door, you leave an impression on them. You forever change how we look at the world.

“I love how intelligent she is and how she is totally straightforward with everyone she interacts with,” junior Catherine Hoang said. “I also really appreciate how understanding and empathetic she is of other people, it really shows and she has a wisdom that is really beyond anyone I’ve ever met. It really shows how much she loves life and the people in her life.”

As your students, we want to thank you for all you have done for us. You are an amazing teacher and an amazing person.



Your Students