Dear Ms. Reyna

A letter of appreciation


Jharna Kamath

A letter of appreciation for all that you do. Thank you.

by Jharna Kamath, Reporter

Dear Ms. Reyna,


“She is my favorite teacher because I feel like she understands students,” junior Brooke Schroeder said. “She understands that we have other classes besides her class and she is sure to give an appropriate amount of homework that isn’t too much. She genuinely cares about each of her students and you can easily tell because she asks how we are doing constantly.”

You teach us the important things in life. 

“She has a much more relaxed approach to teaching,” junior Logan Gier said. “She gets very serious when it comes to learning, but gives us time for brain breaks which allows us to stay at peak performance. Because of her, I have thought about a future in chemical engineering. If that doesn’t happen, at least I’ll be able to read the ingredients and not be confused by the names.”

Thank you for giving us a love for your subject that we will take with us throughout our lives. 

“I feel like she has instilled a love of chemistry in my life and I actually want to pursue chemistry in my career thanks to her,” Schroeder said. “You can tell she absolutely loves teaching chemistry and she gets so excited because she is so passionate about the material she is teaching.”

Chemistry isn’t the easiest subject to learn, but you work hard to make sure we all succeed. 

She’s very understanding and tries to have everyone of her students prepared for exams and tests,” junior Karenna Caton said. “The way she teaches chemistry is incredibly engaging and it allows us, her students, the vast applications of what we learn in her class to daily life. Also, I find her just a funny and charming person. Spending nearly 5 hours in her classroom for our IA experiments felt like nothing!”

Your ability to share all of your knowledge and experience in chemistry inspires us to work hard.

“She clearly loves what she teaches, you could ask her nearly anything about chemistry and she will find an answer.” junior Kyle Tibbetts said. “She has shown me how fun and exciting chemistry can be and this has motivated me to want to pursue chemical engineering in the future.”

Thank you for being an amazing teacher and person. 



Your students