Extravagant ‘promposals’ gain popularity

By Makenna Williams & Italia Gonsalvez

Promposals have recently become the new trend throughout our generation of high school students . The Prom season has influenced several people to go to extreme levels. Bar none.

Girls have made it evident that they are expecting their promposal to be original.

“I told my date that I would go with him, but I said that he had to ask me in a cute way.” Brooke Tschoepe said.

By definition, a promposal is a person asking another person to prom in an extravagant or over-the-top fashion.

“Promposals are a guy’s way of showing how much effort and thought that they put into their (hopeful) dates,”  Junior, Jake Voss said.

Matt Falloon made a huge impression when he had asked a friend (police officer) to pull over Haley Giamfortone. Haley, who had never been pulled over before, would receive a prom ticket instead of a real ticket.

Quinton Johnson decided to go in a different direction. He went into Nene Resendiz’ classes and left  notes that had a different letter everytime she found one. They would eventually spell out prom. The next time she saw him he would be holding a poster in the atrium that had the question “PROM? Check yes, or yes.”

Jake Voss asked varsity cheerleader Kayla Green by doing an original cheer for her.

“It was really cute, all I could do was smile!” Kayla Green said

Promposals are becoming a new tradition to this generation. No matter the extent of embarrassment, it’s nice to know that someone is putting a lot of thought into their promposals.