Family fun

Games that people enjoy playing with their family

by Arie Shaver, Reporter

While in quarantine, it can be difficult to find ways to pass the time, especially since it seems like there’s nothing left to do. However, since most people are quarantined at home with their families, why not make the most of it and spend some quality time playing either a board game or a card with each other. Here’s what students had to say about their favorite games and how they play with their family. 


  • Spoons


“My favorite card game to play with my family is spoons,” sophomore Mae Oates said. “It can get really competitive and somewhat dangerous very quickly. We have broken multiple spoons and ripped many cards while playing, but it’s very fun, especially when everyone plays at a fast pace so it becomes even more stressful.”


  • Uno


“My favorite card game to play with my family is Uno,” junior Aleyna Zapata said. “I like to play that game specifically because it gets very competitive for my family especially when someone has an uno or when someone gets a draw card. The game allows us to have a lot of fun together and it has led to a lot of funny moments and many inside jokes. When someone calls out Uno, everyone kind of units together to give them a draw card or we all try to skip that person. For us it is especially funny when someone has Uno, but their card isn’t the same color that needs to be played. Uno is a way for us to spend more time together and have lots of fun.”


  • Monopoly


“My favorite board game is Monopoly because it goes on forever,” senior Felicity White said. “Hasbro has also created so many different styles based off of shows and moves and I think that’s really cool. I feel very competitive when I play with my family, and I just want to keep the game going. Everytime someone lands on my property, I get filled with adrenaline, and it’s really fun.”


  • The Game of Life


“My favorite board game is The Game of Life because it’s always been fun to play ever since I was little,” junior Kimberley Martinez said. “I got to go through obstacles and sometimes I even had to pay money or gain it. The atmosphere was very exciting and loving because we would all enjoy playing the game and spending time with each other.”


  • Cards Against Humanity


“My favorite card game is Cards Against Humanity,” junior Karthika Gurram said. “ The game lets you be offensive and joke around instead of it being taken seriously. My family and I always laugh at the ridiculous phrases on the card, and you can learn a lot about a person from this game, especially when playing it with friends and family outside of your immediate family.  Honestly, I’m always rolling in laughter when I play the game, and  no one takes it personally.”