Fresh Faces on Staff

New teachers join the Lion Family


Five of the newest Lions gathered for a photo during their New Teacher Inservice week. They are Mr. Harris, Ms. Wetuski, Mrs. Lindsay, Mrs. Bivone, and Mrs. Cooper.

by Caroline Cravens, Assistant Editor for Opinion and Media

“Bivone, like baloney,” The first thing to tackle in a class is learning how to say a teacher’s name. Not only does Leander have a new building, but it also has some new teachers as well.

The newest staff members are excited to start off the school year, and have been in training this past week.

Mrs. Bivone is one of the new teachers to Leander. Previously, she taught in Round Rock and she’s been teaching for four years. She’ll be teaching Algebra I and Algebra II.

“I used to be over in Round Rock so I’m excited to be in Leander now,” Bivone said. “Lions are my favorite animal so that’s a big bonus, and also I think change is good. Just like I want students to learn, grow and do new things, I want to learn and grow too. I hope I get a lot of new blue clothing in my wardrobe. I have so much spirit. I’ll be [at football games].”

In high school, Bivone played basketball and soccer and she hopes to attend those games as well.

Another new teacher who is ready to go to football games is Mrs. Wetuski. She is the assistant director for the Blue Belles and teaches Sapphires, Dance I, and Dance II.

“I was a Blue Belle for three years. It’s really exciting; especially coming back to my old school, just walking back into my old stomping ground,” Wetuski said. “[I’m] working with Mrs. Schubert who was my assistant director when I was in high school, and getting to see her become head director is really exciting.”

Wetuski also has a degree for elementary education from Texas State University, and is certified in dance, physical education, English as a Second Language, dyslexia and upper language arts.

Theater Tech and IB theater teacher Mr. Harris has a theatrical personality and enjoys watching soccer. His room will be decorated in scarfs and other soccer fan items. He says he is excited to “work with his students and make some great art”. He is a 17 year veteran teacher.

“I’m a fanatic fan, I love the US men’s national team [and] I love Manchester United; I love soccer, it’s an addiction.” Harris said. “I would love to watch high school soccer. They gotta hook me up with a jersey too. I rock the jerseys, that’s kind of my thing.”

A teacher that is a little more new to the field is Mrs. Conner. She’s been teaching for five  years, and is teaching English II pre-AP and English IV AP. Her favorite Starbucks drink is the new shake and sweet ice tea.

“I hope that my kids love reading and writing by the end of the year,” Conner said. “Especially the seniors. When they leave me [I want them to] leave still wanting to read and write.”

The new Spanish II teacher, Mrs. Lindsay is on her eleventh year of teaching. She has 3 kids; a 17 year old, a 7 year old, and a 1 year old.

“I’m hoping [by the end of the year] for students to be able to carry a full-blown conversation with another spanish speaking person, and for students to know the difference between cultures,” Lindsay said. “I expect students to be excited.”

With all the new changes happening to Leander students should be excited. New teachers, new buildings, and even a new number for every classroom; There’s no reason to not be excited.

If you see their names on your schedule, now you know a little more about them.