Freshman Q&A Patrick Wilbanks


What were you most afraid of coming into freshman year?

“I was afraid of not being accepted by upperclassmen.”

Were you still afraid after you started school?

“No, the upperclassmen came up to me and included me.”

What were you most excited about before school started?

“Getting to know all the band kids.”

What is the most exciting thing about school now that school has started?

“Having classes with my friends from band.”

How is being in band affecting your freshman year?

“It gives me something to do and lets me do new things with new people.”

Do you feel like a freshman since you have been at this school since July?

“I feel like now that I’ve been exposed to high school it was easier for me to adapt.”

What is your favorite thing about band?

“I really like the football games because we just get to hang out with the people we see everyday.”

What is your least favorite thing about school?

“There is a lot of homework, because even though each teacher only gives a little homework it all adds up.”